Doraemon's 4-dimensional pocket

I brought MacBook (2.31 kg) with me to Australia. It's heavy and huge. I have been afraid of someone will steal it some day since my foot on the land. No doubt it's convenient to be with an own computer, which can store some movies, documents, melodies, and etc.. Like a double-ended blade, at the same time, it's inconvenient to carry such a valuable item while traveling. It adds more weight on my shoulders, slows my steps, and occupies large space.

Being an alone traveler, no one could watch for my luggage while leaving the dorm. Whether it's a long-time absence or going to bathroom, that makes the baggage be in a dangerous state. After three weeks living in Australia, I regretted carrying my MacBook, well, a little bit.

I suppose that the better way is to carry a portable hard drive to store everything you need. It can also backup the photos from digital camera. Then, when needed, go to internet cafe or state library with free computers to use, just use the computers there. Well, this way doesn't satisfy everyone's need. But I think it does for me.

Even better, if I could get a Doraemon's 4-dimensional pocket, then I would put all items in it. Wow! So nice.

By the way, I'm in state library of Victoria which is large and with many desk. Something strange to me is that a guy sitting near me, who is using notebook computer and earphone to talk to someone in someplace in the world. Faint, this is library. Library! Don't do that. Please.

In Melbourne

I wen to Melbourne from Sydney by train. Operated by CountryLink and the map is here. It took me eleven hours. Wow. I started off 8:40 at night so I had to sleep on train. That's not comfortable but it saved me one night accommodation.

Arrived in Melbourne 7:35 in the morning, and it was raining. A few steps I figured out the location of the accommodation hostel. I would live here for three nights in a 10-beds room. Only 13 AUD per night and free breakfast. Wow! After checked in, I started to fool around.

There is a free tram service, City Circle, which as its name implies routes around the city. Excellent, so I don't have to spend any cent on transportation except going to far away areas such as beaches or others.

Fitzroy Gardens (61 pics)

1220a Fitzroy Gardens

St. Patrick's Cathedral (21 pics)
1220b St. Patrick's Cathedral

Royal Botanic Gardens (8 pics)
1220c Royal Botanic Gardens


Internet cafe in Sydney

Today I went to an internet cafe for printing some documents. Expensive, one dollar for half an hour and thirty cents for one A4 printing. Wow, 9 NTD per one page. Faint.

Inside there, computer hardware is good, screen is large. I saw Americans, Europeans, and Asians. The one I went to is seemingly hold by Korean. The clerk girl is Korean. The Windows OS is Korean version. It's a little bit strange to me.

Although the area is near to China town. There are also many Korean shops including internet cafes, groceries, and restaurants.

I traveled to Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, Sabah in Malaysia, now Sydney in Australia. The prices of commodities of all these places are higher than Taiwan. "That's not fair." I snapped. May the money in my pocket die in peace.

I would like to fly like an eagle.

New Year Eve

New year is approaching. I heard from the owner of the house I lived in that for new year eve there will be incredible many backpackers and travelers coming to Sydney. And so, then any bit of the house land will be occupied. Even in the backyard, there will be some people camping there. And the living room, the walkway, even the shareroom supposed to be for three people now will be for five or six people.

Wow, that's awesome.

I don't like crowd much though I have lived in a crowded city, Taipei, for all my life. However I inhabited Taipei county where is less crowded than the downtown of Taipei city. I would plan to escape from crowded Sydney.

Sydney is the famous place for crossing new year eve. No doubt so many human beings will come here to celebrate that crossing moment and shout together "Happy New Year" together. Although I imagine that's very exciting. But I don't intend to do that. Every years in Taipei sat in front of TV and that has never inspired me to do the same.

That's a little bit sick. I'm in Sydney, why in the name of heaven should I leave? Why not stay? I don't know. Maybe, perhaps, because I have no accommodation for 12/31. Maybe because I don't wanna act like others. But what do I want? Good question. Again I bounce back to the very original question.

Whatever. I heard that leaves koala eating are poisonous. What a jerk! So the koalas have to spend all day long to do detoxification. That's why koalas are always sleeping. Faint.

Other things beyond this topic:
1. Sharks attacked Bondi Beach, wow!
2. My junior labmate, clc168 has his blog. Check it out.


In search of something

"What am I doing?" I muttered to myself. After two weeks since I came to Sydney, nothing special or meaningful had been done. I had taken many pictures, had walked several miles, and had seen tons of people and flocks of animals from countries and continents. But I have yet to get the point.

"What have I done?" I mumbled. It would be very funny that no gains after one year around Australia. Then I should cry, howl, and sob. "Go back home, go back to clutch something real and concrete." snapped by one voice in my head. Sometimes we could get one thing by repeatedly trying and approaching, but sometimes couldn't. "Only who endures all of those pains and loneliness can taste the sweet apple." echoed from another voice in my brain.

We know that holding two compasses will make you confused while sailing on seas. One or three is ok. But two isn't. Now that two twisting voices are continuously shouting and yelling in my little pin-pointed small-sized head as though it's a nasty place nobody cares its quietness.

In the movie Good Will Hunting, the older asked the younger: what do you wanna do?

I don't know and I don't have straight answer to this simple question same with the younger in the movie. I'm still in search of something. Something I don't know.

Sydney Opera House, again! (14 pics)

1214 Sydney Opera House

Queen Victoria Building (21 pics)
1215a Queen Victoria Building

Taronga zoo
(233 pics)
1215b Taronga Zoo

at shareroom (13 pics)
1215c at shareroom

Other things beyond this topic:
1. Taipei is the seventh crowded city in the world, thank you very much.

I learnt

to fall asleep whatever the bed is hard or soft or too soft,

to count how much money I have to spend each day,

to estimate how many days I can live by current saving,

to cook simple noodles and dumplings and to treasure every bit of food,

to swallow whatever things eatable only if it can provide energy or alibility,

to treat rains, snows, coldness as enemies instead of romantic beautiful things,

to wash bowls and dishes and say sorry to my mother,

to have a good dream whether if there is someone snoring nearby,

to ...



In the new accommodation, there are total six members. In the living room, mother and two sons sleep there. The two sons are about ages of junior high school. In the guest room, there are three beds. A 17-year-old man studies in Australia. And me. And yesterday night came a girl. She also holds working holiday visa and has been in Australia for half a year. Originally lived and worked in Perth, West Australia. Take an almost-three-day long trip to Adelaide by train, then fly to Sydney prepared to across the new year. Her luggage is one big backpack and one small backpack. Heavier than mine! I admire her.

I'm wondering going to Melbourne and try to get a farming job there. I called to harvest information center and there is no job in New South Wales. Faint. I'm worried about getting a job.

To amu and fruta, by the way, I saw several bottles with the mark "isotropic"(sorry, I spelled it wrong. Should be "isotonix") in the accommodation. Wow.


Goodbye, hostel roommates

I moved to another accommodation today. Time to say goodbye to two hostel roommates who are in the same room for more than several days.

First is from Mainland China, Mr. Bo, who immigrated to Australia.

It's lucky to live with someone who can speak Chinese and English both.

Well, the night before I leave, his notebook was affected by virus. I'm sorry. :P

Second is Adam comes from Israel and has citizenship in Australia.

He read the book about "Chopper", a famous criminal in Australia. And he told me things about anarchy, hippies, his parents and grandparents, a interesting book given by his sister.

He is a mobile DJ with his MacBook. Besides, he carry speaker, mixer, CDs, etc.. with him when moving. Wow, that's awesome.

From Adam, that inspires me to give nickname "Eve" to my MacBook. You know, Adam and Eve in Eden in Bible. And Eve ate the apple. Well, not creative and indeed a cliche. Do you get a better idea?

I had a happy time with you two guys, thanks.

Darling Harbor

1212a Darling Harbor


Bank account and TFN

Today I got the mails, two important things. One is a bank account, another is TFN, tax file number.

Most employers will pay directly into your bank account. It's easy and convenient. So you must apply for one.

And TFN, which is a number issued by Australian Taxation Office, also must provided to the employers. In short, this is a legally number about tax. Yes, you have to pay part of earnings to the government.

So these two things are important for applying for a job. I think all equipments are ready. Let's go.

A park with grass (7 pics)

1207 Moore Park

Sydney Opera House afternoon, I think it's more beautiful. (21 pics)
1208 Sydney Opera House afternoon

Bondi Beach, bad weather. (17 pics)
1210 Bondi Beach


Harder than expected

Originally I thought it's not that hard to find a job. I heard that there are a lot of seasonal work vacancies when harvest season comes. Well, now I know I was a little bit optimistic.

Maybe there are many job opportunities, but there are also many backpackers and working holiday holders here. From state to another state, from this store to that farm. The jobs can only be earned if only you try harder than others. Or no one will come to you automatically.

Well, I hope before I run out of my cash, I can get a job.



I'm sitting in the lounge of the hostel. There are three computers with internet access provided to be used freely by guests. Today I'm lazy. Nowhere I go except buying some food.

Many girls speaking I-don't-know language are using the computers. Then a man doesn't wear shirt brings his notebook computer and sit by me.

Then, then, suddenly the miracle happened. The girls showed in front of me. Ya, the charming girl.

Well, she and the guy seems a couple. well...well...

Global village

I've seen many people from different countries living in the hostel. German, Italy, American, Israel, Denmark, and etc.. In fact I didn't ask them where are they from. I just made a guess. They speak languages strange to me. They cook their own food unfamiliar to me. Their look of faces seems far away from me.

I'm bored with the food I've cooked. Next time in kitchen, I'm going to ask them what food they cook and how.

Other things beyond this topic:
1. My classmate and roommate in university, Hobob, uploaded his photos of wedding dress. Congratulations. I'm sorry can't attend your wedding.

In the kitchen

Two days after that charming night, I spent more time wondering around in the kitchen. I hoped to see the charming lady again. Unfortunately, she just disappeared. This is normal in hostels. Boys and girls come and go. Men and women live in and leave away. Although disappointed at no seeing those enchanting eyes, I met two guys.

One is much older than me and trying to get Ph.D. of politics in Australia. He works for the hostel to exchange the accommodation. I talked to him to practice English.

Another comes from Taiwan and have lived here for 4 months. Graduated from Taiwan's medical school and planned to get master degree in Australia. But encountered a lot of unlucky problems, he'll go back to Taiwan next Monday. He told me a lot of experience. Thank you.

Well, still, I'm a little upset about no seeing that girl again.


An Australian citizen from Israel

Today morning I talked a little much with my roommate, Adam, who is an Australian citizen from Israel. He told me how to get a job. But after searching on internet, perhaps his advices doesn't work for me very well. Originally I expected finding a job won't be too difficult. Now I changed my mind. Time waits for no one. Opportunity is always belong to who prepared well.

Let's go. Get a job. Earn some money.

Charming lady

Yesterday night, after one week passed, I had to wash my clothes and pants or be naked. I brought all the stuff walked down to the laundry. Wow, so great, such a charming lady. I'm not good and guess the age of women, especially non-eastern faces. But she won't be above 25. I took a look at the washer and the notice board. Well, I thought the hostel would provide the ponder for free or charged but I was wrong. So I asked her. She seemed not good at English speaking. That's strange to me. I thought every non-asians speak good English. Then, I forgot what I said and what she said. She walked away and came back with a box of powder on hands. Thank you very much. You did a good work to enchant me.

Charming and enchanting lady. Can I see you again?


Unauthorized translation of 旅行的意義 The Meaning To Travel

旅行的意義 - 陳綺貞
The Meaning To Travel - Chen Chi Jane
Melody: Chen Chi Jane
Lyric: Chen Chi Jane

You've seen many wonderful scenes

You've seen many pretty beauties

你迷失在地圖上 每一道短暫的光陰
You got lost in each time instant on the maps

You tasted the night of Paris

You stepped on snowing Beijing

你熟記書本裡 每一句你最愛的真理
You committed every favorite truths in books to memory

Yet to tell the reason why you love me

Yet to tell what kind of my expressions you appreciated

Yet to tell in what situation I once made you interested

Can't tell a reason to leave

You accumulated many flights

You picked souvenirs with heart

你蒐集了地圖上 每一次的風和日麗
You collected every soft winds and warm sunshines on maps

You embraced ardored islands

You buried memorial Turkey

You stayed in beautiful but untrue scenes of movies

Yet to tell the reason why you love me

Yet to tell what kind of my expressions you appreciated

Yet to tell in what situation I once made you distracted

Can't tell the meaning to travel

You're Constrained to tel the reason why you love me

Yet to tell what kind of my expressions you appreciated

Yet to tell in what situation I once made you distracted

Can't tell the meaning to travel

勉強說出 你為我寄出的每一封信
Constrained to say that every single mails you sent for me

都是你 離開的原因
Are the reasons for you to leave

你離開我 就是旅行的意義
Your leaving me is the meaning to travel

During the travel to Blue Mountains by train, I listened to this song repeatedly. We know that the real experience gives the song meanings and deep tastes. So I chewed every sentences. Originally, I would wanna do translation and match each sentence with one pictures from my recently shots. But it's hard. Some(or most) pairs just don't match. Well, let's see if I do it better next time.

I'm sorry to your song, Miss Chen Chi Jane. I messed it up.

I'm not 100% sure that every translations are correct. Tell me you find errors.

In Australia

Hi, mates, I'm already in Sydney Australia, one week passed.

Following are some photo albums.

Fly to Sydney (10 pics)

1201a to Sydney

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge in rain (84 pics)
1201b Sydney Opera House

The Rocks (34 pics)
1201c The Rocks

Hostel at night (22 pics)
1201d at hostel

Hyde Park (34 pics)
1202a Hyde Park

Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Opera House under sunshine (102 pics)
1202b Royal Botanic Gardens

Walk on Harbor Bridge (56 pics)
1202c Harbor Bridge

INDARRA, a museum I knew from tv travel program (16 pics)
1204a Indarra

5 girls near the fountain of Hyde park (24 pics)
1204c Fountain

Blue Mountains, The Three Sisters (26 pics)
1205a Three Sisters

Blue Mountains, Prince Henry Cliff Walk (96 pics)
1205b Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Gordon Falls (20 pics)
1205c Gordon Falls

Leura village (10 pics)
1205d Leura

It's not easy to get internet access in Australia. Internet cafe is very expensive, one hour for two AUD, why don't you just rob me? The hostel I currently lived in has free internet access but upload speed is slow. Fortunately the state library of New South Wales provides free internet access and good speed. Well, but using after a while, the connection will be broken for a random amount of time and I don't know why. sigh...

I'm bored with writing boring blogs and wondering how to write blogs interestingly but only comes few ideas comes in my head. Let's see it in the future or please send suggestions to me. :)

I'll be rare on msn. If you got something to tell me, email me. If you had emergency to talk to me, ask for my new mobile phone number by email(I think this case won't happen ^_^).