Laura rode an impossible bicycle

No more beer, please. To much alcohol. To many alcoholics. I should self-control.

From left to right:
Jennie(Sweden), Jeremey(Canada), Laura(Northern Ireland), and Tom(USA) went drinking. I didn't attend.

Tom is from USA; I seldom meet Americans in Australia.

They were very drunk, I think. And I suspect that they don't they remember what happened.

Laura, riding a bicycle is prohibited here.

Backpackers are all poor. I know what's your feeling, Laura. One day, I would beg on a street for some cash to buy a pizza.

(What's the big mouth, Jennie?)

Wow, you surely got some money, didn't you? Afford to a motorcycle.

Ya, slept in the tv room again.

Chris, Chris, Hannah, Martha, and Nina left

Sad that so many friends were going to leave Echuca. (And I was still there. :P) They just drank from daylight to deep night, didn't they?

Yet another drinking night, and some new friends.

We went to an Irish pub called Shamrock. Every ladies got dressed up.

Yawen(on the right) from Taiwan. We were the only two Taiwanese in the hostel.

Everybody was pretty hight.

Jennie(from Sweden) always can have fun. That's what I envy very much. I like her eyes.

I don't know how to have fun in a pub; don't know how to dance(shake your ass?); don't know the songs played in the dancing pool; don't know how to drink; don't even know how to talk; don't know how to hug. There are so many things I don't know.

Pity that I'm such a bad drinker. I went to bad earlier again. You see, strange that they got so wet.

Some Belgium guys, I had no chance to talk to them.

They just didn't want to sleep on their own beds. Instead, they slept in the tv room.

Have a good dream, Laura.

Have a good dream, Jennie.

Marion left

Marion from Germany left to Perth to meet her parents. Needless to say, let's celebrate a leaving party and drink. Hey, before that, let's have the dinner first.

I went to work with them. This is the pose while we are working.

(from left to right, me, Madoca, Laura, Marion)

Ok, enough, let's start to drink. Hannah tries to build a wall using the cans of beers.

Too many drink nights for me. I don't remember how much beer I drank. I think I went to bed earlier than others.

Matthew and Marion.

I suppose it's a crazy night. But I don't remember, how come?

(Laura and Martha)

Wait a minute, did I solo a song this night? "Yesterday Once More" by Carpenter. From their faces, you can probably imagine how I sang terribly.

(I don't quite remember. But my quick-note diary said I hugged Hannah, Jennie, Laura, and Martha. While hugging Martha, I said "I like your glasses, I like your hair, and I like your style of laughing.")

No more beers, please.

In my more-than-twenty-years of life, I've experienced more alcohol in the last twenty days.

The second karaoke night

Since Chris and Chris came to Echuca, everything was changed. They turned Echuca Backpackers to an alcoholic zone. The most frequent sentence they said to me is "wanna beer?".

English Chris

Aussie Chris

Yes, what the fuck, Martha. We should say "what the fuck" to Chris and Chris.

Jennie(on the right) enjoyed herself while singing. Great pose.

Matthew(on the left) fell asleep on his bed so he couldn't go to the first karaoke night. Don't miss it again.

Only at Friday night there's karaoke in the hotel.

Jeremey, go go go!

Jeremey was talking to Hannah.

Hannah and Chris.

Whoa, I had experience more beers in Echuca than in Taiwan. So I went to bed while they went to the next pub or bar. :P

Hannah's birthday night

Happy birthday, Hannah, 2/26.

Wow! They made a cake. Like a hedgehog.

A happy night. Take a look at this album, so many happy faces there.

20080226 Echuca Hannah's birthday from Laura and Jennie

Hannah received many birthday gifts. And she hugged everybody. It's starting to get high. Cake, beer, chat, laughter, and goon.

I really really drank too many beers. Damn you again, Aussie Chris. I should stop when I got half drunk. However, you asked me to take another bottle of beer every time I just finished one. Actually I don't remember that. Laura told me afterward.

You Australians are all alcoholics. And all backpackers coming to Australia become alcoholics too.

I got too drunk and too happy. I even gave a speech. Here it is:
(I modified the speech from the movie Braveheart starring Mel Gibson)
Tonight we drink for our honour.
Tonight we drink for our Hannah.
They will continue to push...until they have taken everything from us.
They may take our lives.
But they will never...take...our beers!

You talking to me? Cheers!

Too drunk. I suppose that at this night Laura had a proposal of road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, Perth, then west coast. She invited me to join, wow. It's a bit strange to me because I can't speak English well. When she asked me, my answers are "You talking to me? Cheers." and "I would like to".

I felt cold then and went to bed, again much earlier than others. Laura hugged me. So warm.

The first karaoke night

I seldom drink. I seldom go to a karaoke. I seldom go to a pub. It's true before I came to Australia. It's all true before I met those friends and backpackers in Aussie.

After my first drinking night, they invited me to drink outside again in the afternoon. What!

I didn't go. That's too crazy for me.

After dinner, they started to drink again. Drink, drink, drink. We were waiting for the karaoke. Honestly, my singing is extremely terrible. However, I still went with them.

Without saying, beer, beer, and beer.

Well, what do Australians do? I know the answer now. Cheers!

In short, the karaoke night, it shocked me. It still shocked me because of Jeremey. He was my roommate. He went to work almost everyday and watched movies ofter after work. But this night, he became another brilliant guy. I believe all other people were also shocked by him.

It's interesting to see different faces of a person. It's a proof that we can't judge a person by one glimpse and too quickly. After his first song, a woman bought him a beer. After a while, the boss bought him a jug of beer. Whoa! That night, he was the winner of the karaoke and won 50 AUD. But he forgot where was the money. Haha.

Chris and Jeremey were singing...

Jeremey and Chris were singing...

All of us.

I got too drunk at that night. I spewed in the toilet of the karaoke then Chris and Chris took me home. I spewed again in the toilet of the room. What a drunk night.

(No more beer, no more beer) (Maybe more wine?:P)

They went to another pub to dance.

Haha, Chris, you slept in the tv room.

A fxxking drunk karaoke night. These are some songs sung in the karaoke.
Paradise City
Gay Bar
Living on a prayer
Gangster's paradise
Ice ice baby
Mama Mia

Almost all of the songs, I have never heard.