Well, no job in Northern Queensland

Well, 8 days past and I can't find a job in Northern Queensland.

The temperature is about 15~25 degree in Cairns. It's about 6~20 degree in Brisbane. And there are more jobs in Southern Queensland.

(By the way, Perth is about 6~13. And I felt very cold there.)

So, what should I do? Fly to Brisbane. Hmm...wondering...I grew up in a hot island, I don't like coldness. :P

So many Japanese and Korean here in Cairns. Many shops and stores even only hire Japanese. Faint.


I'm in Cairns now

Hi, mates, I'm in Cairns now.

While working in the pig abattoir, I got sick. Too cold and hard work. On 7/12 back in Perth after one month work there. I caught a cold again. Maybe a flu. And it's raining, cold, and windy in Perth. I suffered! Couldn't get fully recovered in such an environment.

Pity. I gave up west coast. Monkey Mia, Broome, etc...

And airplane ticket to Darwin is expensive. So I skip Northern Territory. What the fxxk.

Anyway, I'm in Cairns now. Although it's raining and windy, but it's much warmer. Actually, it's hot here. I like it.

I know that I have many blog topics not published yet. Including road trip from Adelaide to Perth, and the working life in the pig abattoir. Well, maybe later, maybe...

My current plan is:
1. sightseeing in Cairns
2. go Bowen, get a job there.
3. sightseeing through east coast to Brisbane.
4. go to Sydney, then home.

Any question? please comment or email me.