I'm in Perth looking for a job

Hi, mates, I'm in Perth now. And trying to get a city job here. From Adelaide to Perth, thanks to Gavin and Philip gave me a lift. The petrol expense was more than I expected but still lower than airplane fare. This made me worrying about Herbie, Laura's van. Originally I thought traveling by a van is much cheaper, now I don't think so. Whatever, back to me, hope I can get a job soon.

My memory card reader is broken so you can't see my new photos. I will find some other way to show you.

In Tasi, I met Tsukasa. After Tasi, I met Shiori and Miho in a supermarket of Melbourne. In a YHA of Perth, I met Mai and Tomoyo near to the kitchen. And then I met Daisuke. Faint, what so many coincidences.

Every backpackers I met all said they like Melbourne, I don't know why. However, I met Apple and Kathryn again there. And made a new friend with Erica.

Apple on the left.


Currently, I'm in state library of Western Australia. That's right, state library again. I still more like the one in Melbourne, Victoria. But here, you know what, the free internet provided doesn't block out the bbs and email. That means, besides browsing(HTTP), I can login bbs(TELNET) and email(SMTP, POP3). Holy s**t.

However, I have to get a job sooner than running out of money. Go!Go!Go!

Maybe you already noticed there is not many about Adelaide. Well, just give you some photos.

Nina said Adelaide is boring, boring, and boring. I admit it now.


  1. I'm applying for a job "pig abattoir". Bloody!

  2. Will that be dangerous? Watch out ur fingers and hands while u are working and don't be too tired to prevent accident.

  3. Pig abattoir!? You must've been kidding me. Maybe it's not that bad as I thought in the first place. Hope you can get lots of money and go on the trip soon. I've been studying hard(?) for the civil exam as it's around the corner... see ya,mate!