I'm in Cairns now

Hi, mates, I'm in Cairns now.

While working in the pig abattoir, I got sick. Too cold and hard work. On 7/12 back in Perth after one month work there. I caught a cold again. Maybe a flu. And it's raining, cold, and windy in Perth. I suffered! Couldn't get fully recovered in such an environment.

Pity. I gave up west coast. Monkey Mia, Broome, etc...

And airplane ticket to Darwin is expensive. So I skip Northern Territory. What the fxxk.

Anyway, I'm in Cairns now. Although it's raining and windy, but it's much warmer. Actually, it's hot here. I like it.

I know that I have many blog topics not published yet. Including road trip from Adelaide to Perth, and the working life in the pig abattoir. Well, maybe later, maybe...

My current plan is:
1. sightseeing in Cairns
2. go Bowen, get a job there.
3. sightseeing through east coast to Brisbane.
4. go to Sydney, then home.

Any question? please comment or email me.


  1. Anonymous25/7/08 20:59

    Yehnan, take good care of your health. Rest is best.
    Hope to see more tour stories in your blog shortly. Good Luck! baolein

  2. Well, I'm sorry to tell you a bad bad news. I lost my digital camera. Faint...

  3. So,choose a warmer route, then back to ur sweet home in TW and meet with us. God bless u.