From Malta

At my last few days in Sydney before came back home, I met a guy from Malta.

What? Malta? Oh, my god. It's near to the Sicilia which is near to Italy.

Left one is Robert.

Robert from Malta, Marie from Germany.

We had lived together in an shareroom in Sydney for a week. I was surprised that he knew this shareroom because usually only Taiwan know it. He got the information from his Taiwanese friends he met in Western Australia. Wow, strangely, he met many Taiwanese there instead Japanese or Koreans. I also met some Taiwanese in that shareroom, but the girl I asked for sending me photos didn't do me the favor. So no pictures, sigh.

As you can tell, they are a couple.

He give me a name card of him and her. Hey, there are his XBOX 360 and Wii account on the card. And he bought XBOX 360 and played it in the shareroom. Haha. I met several backpackers who carried PS2 or Wii or XBOX around traveling. Pretty good. Playing it with roommates immediately shortens the distance between strangers.

They are still in Sydney and they saw New Year fireworks.

Nice to meet you, Robert and Marie.

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