I'm in Bundaberg

Well, I'm in Bundaberg 360 km north to Brisbane. Looking for a job.

I'm living in a working hostel, which would arrange accommodation, transportation, and jobs for me. Sounds good? Bundaberg is a big town with many farms nearby. However, it rained too much in the last two months and this year is much colder than last year. So even there are good jobs, (keep this in mind: there are more backpackers), I got a pretty lame job: zucchini picking, by contract. I went to work on this Monday and Tuesday, totally 5 hours. What the fcuk. And then I got two days off. Faint.

It grows on the ground, you have to "bend" to pick them. My waist~~~

After searching in this Chinese backpackers' forum. I got some information.
Article 1, article 2, article 3.
You have to have a luck goddess standing behind you such that to get a good job.

Well, well, bad news. I'm very poor now and still three months before go home. Where could I get a good job? Show me the money!


  1. Anonymous20/8/08 14:31

    Good luck. Don't forget to photo it :)

  2. Well, I lost my camera in Cairns. :P