Memory in Perth

After leaving Gavin's friends' house, I restarted my alone journey again. You know what? It's first June, 6/1, 2008.06.01. Huh, you don't get it? Let me make it straight, the date means I've been in Australia for half a year, wow!

Black swan is the symbol mark of Perth.

Prior to come to Western Australia, I heard that in Perth the cost of living is lower and the wages is higher than east coast. And I knew that many Taiwanese chose Perth as their first stop in Australia. However, I found that the prices of hostels here aren't cheaper. Some Taiwanese backpackers who had stayed here for more than half a year told me it's true in 2007 but the pay for the accommodation increased in 2008. Are you kidding me? Why am I such a unlucky guy?

Perth was still warm, but would get colder.

I found out two hostels which are cheap enough, around 110~120 AUD per week. But the quality is pretty bad. One is smelly and crowded and the other one has not-good atmosphere(noisy at night, turn off shouting washing machine at will if he's sleeping, etc..)

I met two Swedish girls here, great. And so many Taiwanese here.

Well, put that aside, let's go to the state library and enjoy free internet.

I started my job search in Perth. I had worked for a long time in Echuca and saved some. Then Tasmania, Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Adelaide, road trips, etc.. I gotta find a job soon or no bread to chew. I met Amanda again who told me where are the job agencies, thank you. Do you remember Amanda, one of the girls who traveled with me in Tasmania.

I suppose that Amanda and Joyce are in New Zealand now, enjoy it.

Hey, such a coincidence. I met Mai, Tomoyo, and Daisukei again in Perth. Tomoyo went to Japan to celebrate her friend's wedding and then was back in Perth.

Well well well...in 2008, so many of my friends got married, and I went to none of the wedding parties. *cough*, sorry, *cougg*, really sorry.

There is a kangaroo reserve(actually wallaby). You can touch and feed them.

This was my first time to be so close to a wallaby's claw.

Luckily, I got a job after 10 days. As you already knew, it's a pig abattoir, bloody slaughter. See ya.

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