Time to leave Bundaberg

Well, it's pretty bad in Bundaberg. I shouldn't complain but I couldn't help. Whatever...

I will leave Bundaberg tomorrow. Travel southward to Noosa(sunshine coast), Brisbane, Gold coast, Byron bay, New Castle(hunter valley), then Sydney->home.

Pity that I couldn't earn back all expense spent in Oz. Sigh...Plan is supposed to be broken.

I met some backpackers here. (As you may not know, I lost my camera. So I stole these photos from their Facebook.)

Mai Kai from HongKong

Poor girl, hadn't made much money here. In Cairns or Ululu. Hope you get a good job there.

Drake from HongKong

He will go home to celebrate graduation from school on November. Enjoy it.

Suki from HongKong

Well, not a backpacker but a student who couldn't work legally. Shout me some beers, thanks. Back in HK now.

Eva from HongKong

Couldn't get a good job here so back to Sydney. Smart!

Wakana(left) and Noriko(second from right) from Japan

I don't know other girls' names. :P

Wakana(right) and Noriko(left)

Beer garden, jobs aren't good, spending too much here doesn't help.

Nirvana Kam from HongKong

Well, nirvana, this name is rather interesting.

Nora from Taiwan, who learned to make bread in her previous farm in Ayr.

Nirvana and Nora travel together. But facing a serious problem now(one is rich, the other is poor), Nora wants to leave and travel to Fraser Island.

GoodBye, Bundaberg; goodbye Bundaberg rum; goodbye Nora and Nirvana.

Oh, I forgot to mention a surprise that I met again Marion and Matthew in a supermarket of Bundaberg. What a coincidence.

At that time, they bought a van and with another mate through east coast.

This is their van. Wow, amazing and superb.

The other side of the van, quite different and contrary.

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