What I feel about Brisbane

Well, there are a lot of Koreans in this city. By default they think me also a Korean guy. I've heard that there are more Koreans in Gold Coast. My god!

I met two Taiwanese girls on their first here in Australia. Via them, I met many many Taiwanese backpackers. Some of them are newcomers. It's funny to watch them to activate prepaid mobile, open bank account, and apply for TFN. Funny.

All of them are worrying about getting a job. Pity. I can't help them 'cause I usually get one by luck. I contacted Cathy who is still in Aussie(many friends are home now) to get job info. Thank you, Cathy.

I went to an English class hold by a Chinese church. Not bad. However, all of the students and teachers are Asians. That's not good.

Woo, after 5 days, Brisbane becomes pretty boring now. Let's go to Surfers Paradise!

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  1. I'm in the state library of Queensland and using the free wireless internet now. (Yes, you're right, state library again). Pretty good. HTTP, POP3, TELNET, wow. And the speed is not slow(maybe because not many people now).