My first drinking night

Warning: this guy is a criminal, he is a "huai dan"(in Mandarin Chinese, it means bad guy).

Chris from Australia, 4/21 is his birthday.

He is a teacher who teaches English and Business. He had been to China and Korea for teaching. I was surprised at he could say some Mandarin Chinese like 啤酒(beer), 我心臟病發了, 好吃(delicious), 白痴(idiot), 謝謝(thank), 不是(no), 很好(very good).

At that night, Chris invited me to the beer zone because it's his birthday. I just got four days long day-offs and was upset. Though, he was nice to me and I could understand his speaking. So I did go.

He and the other Chris(English) could drink 40 bottles of beer. Faint. At most I could only drink 5.

That night, there were (from left to right) me, Martha(UK), Chris(Aussie), Chris(UK), Hannah(UK), and Jennie(Sweden) who was taking photos.

We drank some beers in the beer zone(near to the hostel). They gave me English names: Esky, Jadyn(Jaydon). Then went to a bar. Half free will, half enforced. I went too! Aussie Chris bought me a small glass of tequila. He added some salt directly into the glass. I didn't know it's not the normal way.

He got very drunk. And to my surprise, he asked me a question: electron, neutron, and proton; which one is your favorite particle? Haha. in the next morning, he didn't even remember he asked this question.

English Chris was very drunk also. He repeatedly called me "Jeff, Jason, Jack...".

After the bar, we were back in the tv room of the hostel. What! Aussie Chris brought a Whiskey down. And started to drink again. My gosh, that's it. All Australians are alcoholics.

(When they speak in normal speed, I can't understand the conversation at all.)

Half drunk I was. Couldn't quite remember what happened next. Aussie Chris fell asleep on the couch. And I went to my bed.

This was my first drinking night. Damn you, Aussie Chris, who poured some beer in my cup of milk tea.

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  1. "Tell Laura I love her. Tell Laura I need her. Tell Laura I ..."
    oh, man,
    "Ni shi huai dan", ccc