Bye bye Brisbane and many Taiwanese

Hi, after 7 days in Brisbane, it becomes pretty boring. So let's go to Surfers Paradise. On my second day here, I had two Taiwanese roommates. And it's their first day here in Australia. Wow! rookies.

(Left Jocelyn, right Eunice) Jocelyn lives in the same county of Taiwan as me, Eunice has the same family name as me. Wow, the world is so small.

(Well, eunice? unix?)

Through the two girls, I met many many Taiwanese. I spent two or three days wondering around with them. China town, sightseeing, Chinese church English class, etc..

(right Edward)

Haha, what were you doing? You don't look like a lesbian.

A ferris wheel.

There is a lagoon(artificial beach) near to the city center. Pretty good. But I don't miss it 'cause I'm going to the real ones.

Before Brisbane, I'd not met so many Taiwanese, especially boys. The boys will buy a car, hmm...good idea.

A special spray painting.

Do you know where it is? It's the start of the Queen Street Mall and it's in front of a casino!

And they really got into it, gamble.

Well, I have to say they were brave, courageous, and stupid. They lost hundreds of AUD there. Just cry...you idiots.

Thanks you all. Bye Bye. Wish you get a good job and enjoy Oz life.

Now let's go to Surfers Paradise.

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  1. Ha, u went east again! Fortitude Valley / Toowong / New Farm / QUT / South Bank Parkland... It looks fun in this city:D