Interviewed by channel 7

I'm in the library of Bundaberg now. Half an hour ago on my way back to the hostel, I saw a cameraman and a reporter of Channel 7. Then they came forward to ask me question about theft in Australia. Wow, very nervous. I answered that I heard many stealing stories but have never experienced any. (Actually, I lost my digital camera, but I consider that's my fault.) Then I said, it's a bit dangerous in a hostel in a big city, but in a working hostel, everybody comes for working, absolutely not for stealing.

Haha, maybe I will be on TV. Wow.

By the way, I had worked in a zucchini farm for four days. Today I did my best to be as fast as possible. But still I was slower than others. So I fired myself. I quit. However, there are frigging many people on the stand-by list now, so I think the next job won't come soon.

My airplane to Taiwan is on 17 November. Although I wanna earn back all expense spent in Aussie, but I'm missing Taiwanese food so much now. So I won't change the date back home. See ya, my friends in Taiwan.

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  1. Anonymous7/10/08 14:56

    see u Nov or later in chupei or taipei. Yes, TW food is the best food for ur stomach.