Dust in my nails

Today and tomorrow are day-offs. That means no work. Because they said the harvest season doesn't really start yet. Well, that's bad to me.

After several days of tomatoes packing, there exists much dust in my nails. It takes a long time to clean and I can't completely clean it up even after several times of washing. This reminds me a Japanese movie, Hula girls, one girl in the movie said "No matter how I've tried, the coals in the nails are just there, dark and dirty." Well, I suppose I'm luckier than her.

After one month and half passed in Aussie, I'm calculating the money I've spent and the amount I need to travel to other city. In shot, I'm doing something bookkeeping and accounting which I'd never done before. Haha.

I think I'll settle down in this town for at least two months to save some money. And there are several things to do when no working, for examples, watch english movies without subtitles, read some articles about computer science, practice programming on my MacBook, exercise english conversations with other backpackers, cook my own meals, read english novels, etc..

It's darn hot here, the highest temperature is 37~41 degree. I hope you, my friends in Taiwan, enjoy the winter. See you.

Something beyond this topic:
1. My senior labmate, gamma, uploaded his wedding photos. Take a look!

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  1. 哲哲哲15/1/08 13:08

    Ha, I see "small handsome brother":P in the photos, he has longer hairs now. And Yehnan, u must be a black guy now.