I met several mates

Currently I live in a hostel, Echuca Backpackers. This is a work hostel, the owner has good connections with employer. So usually people come here for a job and live here for a long time.

A young(maybe between 20 ~ 26) couple from German. The male studies in music. The famale goes to tomato packing shed with me.

A young(about 22 years old) couple from Korea. The male is in his second year. I think he comes to Australia second time for being with his girl friend. By the way, he played StarCraft also in university lab after the professor goes home. Haha. There should have many Koreans in Australia, because in big city such as Sydney and Melbourne you can se Korean groceries, internet cafes, and supermarkets.

One Japanese girl from Osaka. I talked to her in the first day and she seemed a nice girl. But later, it seems that she wouldn't wanna talk to me anymore. Strange...

One Japanese girl from Nagasaki. Have been in Australia for 8 months. I told her I went to Osaka to see sakura flowers. Also goes to tomato packing shed with me.

Three Japanese boys in second year in Australia. Newcomers in the hostel. Have yet to talk much.

One girl who is the driver takes three workers to tomato packing shed. Not yet to ask her where is she from. She have travelled to many many countries. For traveling I mean staying in that country at least a couple of months. Not short visiting or sightseeing. What a good girl. (She is from Ireland.)

An old Australian man who already has four grandchildren. Might leave tomorrow.

A guy from Canada. Love to get online even if the cost is very high.


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  1. 哲哲哲10/1/08 14:34

    Congratulation, u got stable income and accommodation there, Mr. Tomato:P