Status update

Well, sorry to such a long time no blog for you, mates. Perhaps someone wonders whether I'm alive or not. Haha. No photos, no long rubbish sentenses. Just some notes about my recent status.

I couldn't get a job in Melbourne, and one day morning. Someone called me to fruit picking(apricot). Wow, I was running out of money then. So I immediately went to the small town "Echuca". Maybe you can find it on google map. It's about 3.5 hours by train from Melbourne.

Two days of apricot picking, many mossies, hot sun burning my skin. It's a contract job. But by working 8 hours per day, I could merely make two and half bins of apricot. That's only 75 AUD. Well, that sounds not good and not bad. But...accommodation fee per one day is 20 AUD, car hire per one day is 7.5 AUD, and gasoline per one day is 16 AUD(shared by three works). Faint, so I quitted.

It's near new year's eve. No job. Thanks to the owner of the hostel, who helps me to find the job. So I got 11.5 hours of dish washing cash-job in an Italian restaurant. Wow, good experience.

Then I just fooled around, again and again. Struggle to eat less and lesser. So I move as less as possible. Because moving wastes my energy. And so, I don't take pictures at all. :). Because I really had no cash at all. Cry...

Yesterday(2008.1.8) and today(2008.1.9) I went tomato packing shed. Working indoor and filtering out bad tomatoes. Not bad, I can handle it. Wish I can make a lot of money there.

Now, I'm wondering how to pay the accommodation for next week. Because it takes several time that the pay to enter into my account. Thinking...

Echuca Victoria Australia. A charming small town. That's where I am. ^_^

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