The last few days in a shareroom of Sydney

Because I lost my camera, I asked a friend met in Sydney to send me photos. However I lost contact with her until now.

Thanks, Vale, thanks for the photos. What a beautiful French name.

Right is the owner of the shareroom, has two children.

That's them.

A couple, left from Germany, right from Malta. I already posted a blog about them.

Teach non-asians mah-jong!

Other roommates, left was learning cooking in Sydney, right just arrived for studying.

And there was a student abroad. But he didn't live in the shareroom anymore.

Well, right is me. Nothing interesting.

Thank you Vale, or I can't have the photos. So, here is Vale again.

One more...

One more...

By the way, on the airplane home, sitting by me was a Taiwanese pretty girl studing abroad. So lucky. Pitty no camera, damn it!!!

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