Too crowded

Now the backpacker I live in is almost full. There are so many people gathering around here. Sometimes even comes sightseeing travellers. I dare say I really don't like this at all.

First of all, the kitchen will be occupied by many Japanese. Well, I can't blame them. Everybody needs to cook to feed himself. So do I. According to the "matter occupies space" which is a trivial statement teached by my junior high school teacher, if there were some lads and lasses standing in front of the stoves then there would be absolutely no way that I could do my cooking. Sigh, one night I couldn't cook dinner until 9:30pm which was not a good time to eat before sleeping.

Second, those Japanese talk to each other and start to watch Japan movies or dramas. In Japanese language of course, that's not good. Well, again, I can't blame them. I'm just a little bit grumpy. Sorry.

Consequently I have to change my daily schedule of getting up, falling asleep and especially cooking to avoid timing conflicts with others. In short, cooking earilier than others. Then I can do my cooking freely and easily.


  1. Anonymous25/1/08 13:25

    what u cook? How is the market there?

  2. Anonymous30/1/08 10:01

    對了 ,有沒有正妹呀,該衝了吧.....