When lost memory

If one day you miserably lost your memory, what exactly one skill would you want to keep?

I watched the movie "The Majestic", starring Jim Carrey, which was rent by some mate in the hostel. In the plot Jim once lost his memory about his life but still he could remember the scenes and conversations in the movies he watched before. And he also could play jazz piano fluently. Wow, memory is a complicated and tangled thing to understand, huh.

A question I asked the German mate(or French mate, whatever) who studies music and at the same time can cook and make cookies. If he lost memory, which one would he want to keep: a) music or b) cooking? He couldn't answer immediately.

However, the same question, you can ask yourself. If one day you miserably lost your memory, what exactly one skill would you want to keep? It must be utterly unbearable if you lose that skill. It must be the distinguishing skill that seperate from you and others. You can't live without that.

In the other movie I watched before, Resident Evil, starring Milla Jovovich, also has the same situation. Milla lost her memory but still remembered how to fight and gun-shooting.

By the way, the hostel I live in now has many Japanese come in. Maybe more than eight. Wow. And here came four French guys, they played console games(maybe PS2), soccer and car-racing, a lot.


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  2. Anonymous21/1/08 11:42

    I seem to lost my childhood memory before 6, it just be hardly recalled.

  3. the ability to earn the money! :P

  4. Anonymous27/1/08 17:28

    I'm so surprised to get your phone call from overseas, and I almost just knew about your amazing life arrangement that you could "travel" your time with work and play.