What I learnt when poor

As a poor man, there are many things to learn to struggle for life. First of all, I can't afford to waste anything. For example, toothpaste, do you know how much minimum toothpaste needed to wash and clean the tooth? After several days of practicing and experimenting, I got it. I used as less toothpaste as possible. It's really much lesser than the amout I used before. Well, there is a question left: Does my teeth exactly be cleaned? :P

Another example is inspired from a Japanese comic, because I don't know its original Japanese name and I can't type Chinese now so I directly translate the name from Chinese to English here, "Poor noble prince". In it, the man character can eat any food even already exceeded exipry date. Wow, fabulous. Toast and marmalade, you let me live for one another day.

I learnt to wash clothes, socks, and pants by hands. Because washing machine and dryer usually cost 2 AUD per each. In city it will cost even 3 AUD. Although it takes one or two hours to wash, I could spare it. The sun in summer here beams strongly and for a long time. Sunrise and sunset are usually at 5:30 and 8:45. Dry out my clothes, Mr. Sun.

To live by myself, I need o learn a lot of things. Pity that I didn't recognize this simple fact in Taiwan.

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  1. Anonymous12/1/08 03:51

    Hey my dear friend! keep going! I believe you will finally get what you want. Take good care of yourself! You are rich in your mind.