Doraemon's 4-dimensional pocket

I brought MacBook (2.31 kg) with me to Australia. It's heavy and huge. I have been afraid of someone will steal it some day since my foot on the land. No doubt it's convenient to be with an own computer, which can store some movies, documents, melodies, and etc.. Like a double-ended blade, at the same time, it's inconvenient to carry such a valuable item while traveling. It adds more weight on my shoulders, slows my steps, and occupies large space.

Being an alone traveler, no one could watch for my luggage while leaving the dorm. Whether it's a long-time absence or going to bathroom, that makes the baggage be in a dangerous state. After three weeks living in Australia, I regretted carrying my MacBook, well, a little bit.

I suppose that the better way is to carry a portable hard drive to store everything you need. It can also backup the photos from digital camera. Then, when needed, go to internet cafe or state library with free computers to use, just use the computers there. Well, this way doesn't satisfy everyone's need. But I think it does for me.

Even better, if I could get a Doraemon's 4-dimensional pocket, then I would put all items in it. Wow! So nice.

By the way, I'm in state library of Victoria which is large and with many desk. Something strange to me is that a guy sitting near me, who is using notebook computer and earphone to talk to someone in someplace in the world. Faint, this is library. Library! Don't do that. Please.


  1. 哲哲哲3/1/08 19:49

    are u alive?:p

  2. 我下禮拜二要去澳洲

  3. Now I'm at a small town 3.5-hours-by-train north to Melbourne. Very hard to get online.

    To gamma: thanks, but I have no money to go to Sydney to meet you. :P

  4. 哲哲哲4/1/08 19:00

    Maybe we should donate u to keep ur rocky trip. Maybe gammma could bring money to Yehana and take a special gift for return(like local xx book:P).

  5. Anonymous6/1/08 00:51