From Brisbane to Sydney

I bought a coach pass, from Brisbane to Sydney.

7 days in Surfers Paradise. I had not done many things there, just got sun-burned and went to a birthday party of a Japanese girl WAKANA I met in Bundaberg.

They have many language schoolmates in Gold Coast.

(It's also the date of birth of Obata, well, I don't know her.)

Although Wakana thought it's a good experience in Bundaberg(especially in beer garden) and her friends may wanna go there. In my opinon: NO!

The left-most girl is Noriko, who likes drinking and parties.

(You know, the best way to learn English is to party with Europeans!)

And I met a new friend, Veronica, from Columbia. Pretty beautiful earrings.

So many tall buildings just near to the beach. They live in an 44th-floor apartment.

Luckily, Indy 300 was in Surfers Paradise.

3 days in Byron Bay. No photo because...you know, I don't have a camera now. I bought a sunglasses there.

The beach is beautiful.

But the bikini girls are more beautiful.

Don't you think so?

Seldomly, I could see topless bathing ladies.

(Well, you wanna see topless? Go Surfers Paradise or Byron Bay yourself!)

Good bye. Byron Bay.

3 days in Newcastle. Got pretty drunk while wine tour in Hunter Valley.

Now I'm in Sydney now. See you soon in Taiwan.

I met Nora again in Sydney. Treat her and Eva in Darling harbour.

The right front is Nora.


  1. Anonymous6/11/08 10:27

    wow, the photo w/ sunglasses is so shining, please take them when u come back to TW:D

  2. Ya, of course. Actually I wanna buy two more sunnies in Aussie. By the way, Anonymous? Who are you?