Memory in wwoofing

I did two weeks of wwoof in Bundaberg with Kathryn and Grace. I met Kathryn in the tomato packing shed while in Echuca. Grace is Kathryn's friend in Taiwan's church.

Rolf and Robyn. The wwoof host.

(From left: me, Robyn, Kathryn, Rolf, Grace)

Can you believe? Rolf built this house with solar energy and water tanks.

It's about 20 minutes driving to city center.

Each has his own room, wow, lovely!

The work we did included: unload potatoes for feeding horses.

The horses are very shy. They'll run away as you approach.

Mostly, the work was weeding.

Cut off dead leaves of banana tree.

Eggs picking.

Strawberry picking.

And gather useless bushes, burn them.

A goat and a sheep. They have names, but I forget.

Two tame dogs.

And a cat.

Strangely. The dogs don't chase the cat. They play together.

After work, we may take a walk along the riverside to see a lake.

Or watch movies.

On Sunday, we went to church.

They sang before the sermon.

Grace, clergyman, and Beth(missionary in China)

And other Taiwanese.

Samantha, pretty beautiful.

Usually Rolf cooked for us.

Pancakes by Robyn.

Desert, rice pudding?

It's a good place.

But still we had to work to earn money. ByeBye.

Other photos here:

20080822 Bundaberg wwoof

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