Memory in Cairns

There are lots of Japanese in Cairns, and here comes so many Japanese tourists. Some shops and souvenir stores even only hire Japanese backpackers as shop assistants. Because they can speak Japanese language! On quite a few notice boards I found in the city, the notices are written in Japanese(or Korean). Lift wanted, share room, bicycle for sale, etc.. There are some tours whose members are all Japanese. I heard this fact before, now I witnessed it.

In Cairns, I lived in NJOY Travelers Resort, basically it's a backpackers hostel but with a pool and benches. Because I hadn't known exactly how many days I needed to stay, I usually booked for another three-night accommodations at the day that I should check out. This hostel was pretty busy at this period, however, sometimes I had to change to other room. Well, it's annoying but it made me easy to talk to other backpackers.

Two Italian girls, pretty good-looking and thin. They merely have been in Australia for one month. Got a house-keeping job in Port Douglas where has many hotels.
(I saw them again in Brisbane, but I didn't go to talk to them. What was I thinking then?)

One Canadian guy, who traveled from Sydney through east coast to Cairns. Then maybe fly to Darwin. Wait a minute, don't you need to work for money?

One Taiwanese male master-degree student rooted in Sydney, we talked a lot.
He went to American since senior high school, university. Studied ergonomics and worked there. Then human-machine interface, Adobe pdf e-book, master degree in Sydney, University of NSW. Told me his life in American.

One Chinese student rooted in Brisbane, journey for graduation.

One Swedish girl, just started her journey in Australia.

Two Taiwanese working holiday holders, Melbourne language school, pruning in Adelaide, Ululu, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane, wwoof, totally about six months
one New Zealand, two weeks holiday in Australia from Sydney to Cairns. Pretty good.

8/10 on magazine OK! Issue 115, Aug 11 2008
Aquarius Jan 21~Feb19
Still in the depth of deep soul searching, Aquarius? Well, you can dwell in the depths forever or make a decision to move on. Dilemmas seem to be clouding up so many parts of your life. Do you realise how frustrating this is for others? When you remain in this procrastinating state, it leaves many in limbo. For everyone's sake please make up your mind and take action!
Your mantra: I stop thinking and start making decisions.

Wow, so precise exact to match my mood.

Well, couldn't get a job in Northern Queensland. So I traveled to Bundaberg by coach. Passed Townsville and Rockhampton.

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