Working Holiday in Australia

This is the list of all blogs I posted while working holiday in Australia. Some are interesting; some are boring. Some are just status update and whinning; some are full of photos. They are in chronical order of the things happened and so is not necessarily in the order of posting time.

no star: no bother, skip it.
one star: a bit interesting.
two stars: worthy of reading.
three stars: Very good, full of memories.

From Taiwan to Australia: In this period(Sydney and Melbourne), nothing special happened. I was just a normal tourist.
In Australia
Unauthorized translation of 旅行的意義 The Meaning To Travel
Charming lady
An Australian citizen from Israel
In the kitchen
Global village
Harder than expected
Bank account and TFN
Goodbye, hostel roommates
I learnt
In search of something
New Year Eve
Internet cafe in Sydney
In Melbourne
Doraemon's 4-dimensional pocket

Life in Echuca: I'd got drunk many times and made many friends here.

Status update
What I learnt when poor
I met several mates
Dust in my nails
What does Echuca mean?
When lost memory
Too crowded
Programming concepts revisited

All photos in Echuca
Friends I met in Echuca Backpackers
Friends I met in tomato packing shed
Long time ago
My first drinking night
The first karaoke night
Hannah's birthday night
The second karaoke night
Marion left
Chris, Chris, Hannah, Martha, and Nina left
Laura rode an impossible bicycle
No petrol
Approaching the end in Echuca
A crazy drinking night in Melbourne
Jennie was back with Sandra
Time to leave Echuca
Some drinking vocabulary

Travel in Tasmania: Pretty beautiful island, a nice journey.

Travel to Tasmania
Thanks to Joyce, Amanda, and Cathy
Towns in Tasmania
Sightseeing in Tasmania
All photos in Tasmania uploaded
Take Me Home, Country Road

Road Trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, then to Perth: I sincerely appreciate the road trip experiences.

Back online
no time
Road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide
Along the road trip
I'm in Adelaide
Starting to find a job
Songs I'm listening to
Lost in nowhere
Road trip from Adelaide to Perth

Perth and the pig abattoir: Slaughter? Killing pigs?
I'm in Perth looking for a job
Maybe I will become a pig slaughter
Memory in Perth
Memory in the pig abattoir

In Cairns, Northern Queensland: A bit tired of traveling and didn't wanna work.
I'm in Cairns now
Well, no job in Northern Queensland
Memory in Cairns

Work and wwoofing in Bundaberg: No money. Hard farm work. "Go fast or go home!"
I'm in Bundaberg
I'm doing "wwoof" near to Bundaberg
Memory in wwoofing
Picking tiny tiny tiny tomatoes
Sweet potato, capsicum, pumpkin, cherry tomato
Zucchini and Squash
Interviewed by channel 7
Time to leave Bundaberg

Coach Travel from Bundaberg to Sydney: Noosa, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, New Castle. Relax, sunburned, beaches, and bikinis.

In Brisbane
What I feel about Brisbane
Bye bye Brisbane and many Taiwanese
From Brisbane to Sydney

In Sydney then go home: Miss Taiwanese food very much.
From Malta
The last few days in a shareroom of Sydney
All video uploaded

---2007.12.01 start---
Sydney and Melbourne: 12.01~12.25 (25 days)

Echuca(work): 12.26~04.08 (105 days = 15 weeks)

Tasmania: 04.09~04.21 (13 days)

Melbourne: 04.22~05.01 (10 days)
Road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide: 05.02~05.08 (7 days)
Adelaide: 05.09~05.27 (19 days)
Road trip from Adelaide to Perth: 05.28~05.31 (4 days)

---half year past---

Perth: 06.01~06.10 (10 days)
pig abattoir(work): 06.11~07.11 (31 days)
Perth: 07.12~07.21 (10 days)

Cairns: 07.22~08.11 (21 days)
Townsville: 08.12 (1 days)
Rockhampton: 08.13~08.14 (2 days)

Bundaberg(work): 08.15~08.21 (7 days)
Bundaberg wwoof: 08.22~09.04 (14 days)
Bundaberg(work): 09.05~.10.13 (39 days)

Noosa,Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, New Castle: 10.14~11.04 (22 days)

Sydney: 11.05~11.16 (12 days)
---2008.11.17 end---


  1. Little Pai10/11/08 16:12

    Welcome go home!!! It's cold in Taiwan now, remember put on more clothes.

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