All photos in Tasmania uploaded

Hi, two days, I finally uploaded photos in Tasmania. I downsized all of them, alas!

I put photos in Echuca and in Tasmania into the same online album. Here it is(all albums).

Some albums more interesting:

20080410c Launceston Cataract Gorge

20080411b Grinelwald

20080412b Penguin

20080412d lunch near to Don River Railway

20080412f Sheffield

20080413b Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

20080414b Lake St. Clair

20080418c Hazards beach

20080420g Ross Village Bakery

20080420i Accommodation Ros Caravan Park Units

Basically, I did it in the state library. There are so many people studying in it such that the internet access speed is extremely slow. Now I'm using a public free wifi in the federation square near to the Flinders Street Station. It's cold today but I wanna upload all photos. A bit tired.

Hope I still have energy and motivation to write some blogs and adjust my facebook. See ya.

PS. I uploaded too many photos. Though someone said a picture is worth one thousand words. Too many pictures lowers the average importance of all. Alas.

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