Long time ago

Long time ago, my first few weeks in Echuca, I had no money at all. After paying accommodation, I had not enough cash to pay for key bond and rent the crockery. faint.

And at that time I didn't chat with other backpackers often. It's not good. I missed many good times I suppose.

But Laura was an exception. She made friends with almost every backpackers even only stayed in the hostel for one night.

As time past by, more and more people got in the hostel. It's a bit crowed I thought. But afterthought, it should be that way. Many people said coming to Australia is to experience and to meet people. I didn't understand that.

Slowly, I started to make friends with backpackers from other countries. I was not good at this, I am not, still.

I remembered I bought a sudoku puzzle book and tried to solve them all. Too difficult. So I decided to write a computer program to do it for me. Half success. The program can't solve some extremely hard sudoku. After that, I started to get busy at working so the program is left in the hard disc. Sorry!

Really nothing special at that period, until some guy who can say "Ni shi huai dan" came.

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