Chris, Chris, Hannah, Martha, and Nina left

Sad that so many friends were going to leave Echuca. (And I was still there. :P) They just drank from daylight to deep night, didn't they?

Yet another drinking night, and some new friends.

We went to an Irish pub called Shamrock. Every ladies got dressed up.

Yawen(on the right) from Taiwan. We were the only two Taiwanese in the hostel.

Everybody was pretty hight.

Jennie(from Sweden) always can have fun. That's what I envy very much. I like her eyes.

I don't know how to have fun in a pub; don't know how to dance(shake your ass?); don't know the songs played in the dancing pool; don't know how to drink; don't even know how to talk; don't know how to hug. There are so many things I don't know.

Pity that I'm such a bad drinker. I went to bad earlier again. You see, strange that they got so wet.

Some Belgium guys, I had no chance to talk to them.

They just didn't want to sleep on their own beds. Instead, they slept in the tv room.

Have a good dream, Laura.

Have a good dream, Jennie.


  1. What a crazy drinking life! Watch out ur WEDO:P