Marion left

Marion from Germany left to Perth to meet her parents. Needless to say, let's celebrate a leaving party and drink. Hey, before that, let's have the dinner first.

I went to work with them. This is the pose while we are working.

(from left to right, me, Madoca, Laura, Marion)

Ok, enough, let's start to drink. Hannah tries to build a wall using the cans of beers.

Too many drink nights for me. I don't remember how much beer I drank. I think I went to bed earlier than others.

Matthew and Marion.

I suppose it's a crazy night. But I don't remember, how come?

(Laura and Martha)

Wait a minute, did I solo a song this night? "Yesterday Once More" by Carpenter. From their faces, you can probably imagine how I sang terribly.

(I don't quite remember. But my quick-note diary said I hugged Hannah, Jennie, Laura, and Martha. While hugging Martha, I said "I like your glasses, I like your hair, and I like your style of laughing.")

No more beers, please.

In my more-than-twenty-years of life, I've experienced more alcohol in the last twenty days.

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