Hannah's birthday night

Happy birthday, Hannah, 2/26.

Wow! They made a cake. Like a hedgehog.

A happy night. Take a look at this album, so many happy faces there.

20080226 Echuca Hannah's birthday from Laura and Jennie

Hannah received many birthday gifts. And she hugged everybody. It's starting to get high. Cake, beer, chat, laughter, and goon.

I really really drank too many beers. Damn you again, Aussie Chris. I should stop when I got half drunk. However, you asked me to take another bottle of beer every time I just finished one. Actually I don't remember that. Laura told me afterward.

You Australians are all alcoholics. And all backpackers coming to Australia become alcoholics too.

I got too drunk and too happy. I even gave a speech. Here it is:
(I modified the speech from the movie Braveheart starring Mel Gibson)
Tonight we drink for our honour.
Tonight we drink for our Hannah.
They will continue to push...until they have taken everything from us.
They may take our lives.
But they will never...take...our beers!

You talking to me? Cheers!

Too drunk. I suppose that at this night Laura had a proposal of road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, Perth, then west coast. She invited me to join, wow. It's a bit strange to me because I can't speak English well. When she asked me, my answers are "You talking to me? Cheers." and "I would like to".

I felt cold then and went to bed, again much earlier than others. Laura hugged me. So warm.

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