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Hi, my friends in Taiwan and my friends I met in Australia, I just finished my traveling in Tasmania and I'm in Melbourne now.

It's me.

It's my shadow!

After Echuca and Tasi, I have so many things needed to tell you. However, at the end of April, I'm going to travel with Laura and Jennie. We'll buy a van and travel from Melbourne via Great Ocean Road, to Adelaide, to Perth, then west coast. That means, I only have at most one week to post blogs, upload photos(a lot!), and create my facebook. That's definitely not enough. Wow, what can I do in this situation?

Play a board game with Matthew(Canada)

I'll upload as many photos as I can. The internet upload speed is not fast here, so I have to(I don't want to) downsize photos. And needless to say, I have no time to add captions to every photos. And what about blogs? I really wanna write all happened down. Pity, I'm afraid it's not possible. So I think I better write the most interesting stuff. (I hope this will keep my blog away from "yet another boring blog".)

From left to right, me, Jennie(Sweden), Laura(Northern Ireland), Sandra(Sweden)

There is a little issue bothering me. Originally I wrote blogs only for my Taiwanese friends. (well, even with that said, I suppose only few of them have interest to see my blog.) So most of time, I imagine the audience of my blog is merely them while I'm writing. Now my audience are from two groups. Luckily, I read "You Should Write Blogs" from Steve Yegge. And I concluded that the good way to blog is to be honest and write to myself. Well, that seems not hard to me. Let's try it. (Warning: maybe I'll be too lazy to write anything!)

From left to right, Jennie(Sweden), Yawen(Taiwan), Laura(Northern Ireland), me, Sally(UK)

I put the photos taken in Echuca(from me, Laura, Jennie, Jeremy, English Chris) online. Take a look. However, there is no captions. If possible, I'll add some later.

From left to right, me, Martha(UK), Chris(Aussie), Chris(UK), Hannah(UK).

And there are photos taken in Tasmania. Not uploaded yet. Be patient.


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