The second karaoke night

Since Chris and Chris came to Echuca, everything was changed. They turned Echuca Backpackers to an alcoholic zone. The most frequent sentence they said to me is "wanna beer?".

English Chris

Aussie Chris

Yes, what the fuck, Martha. We should say "what the fuck" to Chris and Chris.

Jennie(on the right) enjoyed herself while singing. Great pose.

Matthew(on the left) fell asleep on his bed so he couldn't go to the first karaoke night. Don't miss it again.

Only at Friday night there's karaoke in the hotel.

Jeremey, go go go!

Jeremey was talking to Hannah.

Hannah and Chris.

Whoa, I had experience more beers in Echuca than in Taiwan. So I went to bed while they went to the next pub or bar. :P

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