Friends I met in Echuca Backpackers

Hi, let me introduce you some friends I met in Australia.

Debbie from Australia

She is the the runner of Echuca Backpackers. Thanks a lot, Debbie. Such a great working hostel.

Elle from South Korea

I did two days of apricot picking with Elle. It's hot and there's many annoying flies.

June from South Korea (on the right)

Already gone back to school in South Korea. June, study hard and play StarCraft hard!

Chi from Japan

The first Japanese girl I met. Thanks for your kindness.

Shiori from Osaka, Japan (on the right)

I went to Kansai once. To Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. See sakura flowers.

Miho from Japan (on the front right)

Travel with Shiori. Ganbade.

Madoca Onoue(尾上丹香) from Nagasaki, Japan

Nearly finish her first year in Australia. The name Madoca is pretty elegant.

Matthew from Canada

A guy who can cook and play music. Brilliant.

Marion from Germany

I know little about Germany. I will read some books about it.

Seishiro Uezono(上園誠志郎) from Kagoshima, Japan

Speak better English than me. Hope you get a good school in Japan.

Koei Takahashi(高橋孝英) from Tokyo, Japan (on the left)

Isn't KOEI a Japan game company? :)

Soniya from Germany

I met many German girls. All of them are of different styles.

Nina from Germany

Pretty girl. Pity that I seldom talked to her.

Mamo from Japan

His sleeping time is rather random. Mamo, don't watch videos too often.

Mai(麻衣) from Tokyo(東京) Japan

I watched her cooking curry. She has a map with many signatures of backpackers she met. Great idea.

Tomoyo(友代) from Yokohama(橫濱) Japan (on the right)

Well, I didn't talk to her until approaching the end of my life in Echuca. She went back to Japan to attend a wedding party. Although many of my friends in Taiwan will get married this year, sorry that I won't go to any of them.

Tsukasan from Japan

Tsukasan, my impression of her is a elder sister taking care of others.

Daisuke from Japan

You're absolutely a Japanese. Your face and your costume both are.

Toro from Japan (on the right)

Who can stir-fry rice. Good.

Bernessa from Australia

Well, don't forget there are twelve animals of Chinese years. I'll send postcard to you.

Dean from New Zealand

Such a tall and strong guy. Please don't scare me, it doesn't work. Haha.

Chris from Australia

You changed my life in Echuca. A million thanks. Alcoholic.

Laura from Northern Ireland

Tell Laura I love her. Tell Laura I need her. Tell Laura I may be late. I have something to do that can not wait.

Jeremy from Canada

Jeremy rocks in karaoke. It shocked me, it still does. I saw you read the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance which is the one I wanna read but not yet.

Hannah from UK

You're nice to me. Thanks to speak to me.

Martha from UK (on the right)

You're amazing. Really, seriously.

Chris from UK

I know that you like balls. But I won't touch yours with a one-hundred-foot pole.

Jennie from Sweden (the middle one)

Charming girl. I set this photo as wallpaper of my mobile phone.

Sandra from Sweden (on the right)

Please go to road trip with us unless there are two noons in one day.

Tom from USA

Speak pretty fast. I can barely understand.

Sally from UK

I'll read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. So please read the book The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway. There's tears in my eyes while I was reading the final section of the book.

Gavin from Northern Ireland (the middle one)

Poker on the front. Liquor on the back.

Philip from Northern Ireland (the guy who hold a glass)

Good luck.

Yawen from Taiwan (on the right)

Glad that I can see a Taiwanese in the hostel.

Brian (on the left)

Take care, Brian. Take more photos. Strange that I didn't see you taking shots in Echuca.

Zoe from UK

Thanks for bearing my poor English listening. You spoke to me slowly. I appreciate that.

Dawn from UK

Haha, I got photos of your sleeping on the sofa. I'll keep them forever.

Yuri from Nagoya, Japan

Pity we didn't chat much because I had to leave. I'll remember where Nagoya is.

Lea from Germany

Pity we didn't chat much because I had to leave. However, you, me, and Yuri at least worked one day plastic pipe picking.

Chiang from Taiwan


There are some friends I don't have any photo of. How come!
Alex(France), Holly(Australia)

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  1. 好有趣的生活,真希望我也能體驗一下.