Bank account and TFN

Today I got the mails, two important things. One is a bank account, another is TFN, tax file number.

Most employers will pay directly into your bank account. It's easy and convenient. So you must apply for one.

And TFN, which is a number issued by Australian Taxation Office, also must provided to the employers. In short, this is a legally number about tax. Yes, you have to pay part of earnings to the government.

So these two things are important for applying for a job. I think all equipments are ready. Let's go.

A park with grass (7 pics)

1207 Moore Park

Sydney Opera House afternoon, I think it's more beautiful. (21 pics)
1208 Sydney Opera House afternoon

Bondi Beach, bad weather. (17 pics)
1210 Bondi Beach

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  1. Good evening. Well, I have some qq.:P What's ur useful mail address and real address at Aust.? What kind of job do u expect to start? Are u at school there? Where's the charming lady's photo?:D Hope ur story, 3q.