In the new accommodation, there are total six members. In the living room, mother and two sons sleep there. The two sons are about ages of junior high school. In the guest room, there are three beds. A 17-year-old man studies in Australia. And me. And yesterday night came a girl. She also holds working holiday visa and has been in Australia for half a year. Originally lived and worked in Perth, West Australia. Take an almost-three-day long trip to Adelaide by train, then fly to Sydney prepared to across the new year. Her luggage is one big backpack and one small backpack. Heavier than mine! I admire her.

I'm wondering going to Melbourne and try to get a farming job there. I called to harvest information center and there is no job in New South Wales. Faint. I'm worried about getting a job.

To amu and fruta, by the way, I saw several bottles with the mark "isotropic"(sorry, I spelled it wrong. Should be "isotonix") in the accommodation. Wow.

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  1. Is "isotropic" the paper's topic of Amu & Fruta? To be a farmer and works in hundreds of hectare of corn field or anything, it sounds great:P What are tempers of the people there living with u? It sounds like a department but more closer. Good luck to ur first job in Aust.