Goodbye, hostel roommates

I moved to another accommodation today. Time to say goodbye to two hostel roommates who are in the same room for more than several days.

First is from Mainland China, Mr. Bo, who immigrated to Australia.

It's lucky to live with someone who can speak Chinese and English both.

Well, the night before I leave, his notebook was affected by virus. I'm sorry. :P

Second is Adam comes from Israel and has citizenship in Australia.

He read the book about "Chopper", a famous criminal in Australia. And he told me things about anarchy, hippies, his parents and grandparents, a interesting book given by his sister.

He is a mobile DJ with his MacBook. Besides, he carry speaker, mixer, CDs, etc.. with him when moving. Wow, that's awesome.

From Adam, that inspires me to give nickname "Eve" to my MacBook. You know, Adam and Eve in Eden in Bible. And Eve ate the apple. Well, not creative and indeed a cliche. Do you get a better idea?

I had a happy time with you two guys, thanks.

Darling Harbor

1212a Darling Harbor

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  1. 所以你是去澳州打工喔,找到工作了嗎?無政府主義和嘻皮喔..夏娃這暱稱不錯啊..比Yehnan好多了