New Year Eve

New year is approaching. I heard from the owner of the house I lived in that for new year eve there will be incredible many backpackers and travelers coming to Sydney. And so, then any bit of the house land will be occupied. Even in the backyard, there will be some people camping there. And the living room, the walkway, even the shareroom supposed to be for three people now will be for five or six people.

Wow, that's awesome.

I don't like crowd much though I have lived in a crowded city, Taipei, for all my life. However I inhabited Taipei county where is less crowded than the downtown of Taipei city. I would plan to escape from crowded Sydney.

Sydney is the famous place for crossing new year eve. No doubt so many human beings will come here to celebrate that crossing moment and shout together "Happy New Year" together. Although I imagine that's very exciting. But I don't intend to do that. Every years in Taipei sat in front of TV and that has never inspired me to do the same.

That's a little bit sick. I'm in Sydney, why in the name of heaven should I leave? Why not stay? I don't know. Maybe, perhaps, because I have no accommodation for 12/31. Maybe because I don't wanna act like others. But what do I want? Good question. Again I bounce back to the very original question.

Whatever. I heard that leaves koala eating are poisonous. What a jerk! So the koalas have to spend all day long to do detoxification. That's why koalas are always sleeping. Faint.

Other things beyond this topic:
1. Sharks attacked Bondi Beach, wow!
2. My junior labmate, clc168 has his blog. Check it out.

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