In Australia

Hi, mates, I'm already in Sydney Australia, one week passed.

Following are some photo albums.

Fly to Sydney (10 pics)

1201a to Sydney

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge in rain (84 pics)
1201b Sydney Opera House

The Rocks (34 pics)
1201c The Rocks

Hostel at night (22 pics)
1201d at hostel

Hyde Park (34 pics)
1202a Hyde Park

Royal Botanic Gardens and Sydney Opera House under sunshine (102 pics)
1202b Royal Botanic Gardens

Walk on Harbor Bridge (56 pics)
1202c Harbor Bridge

INDARRA, a museum I knew from tv travel program (16 pics)
1204a Indarra

5 girls near the fountain of Hyde park (24 pics)
1204c Fountain

Blue Mountains, The Three Sisters (26 pics)
1205a Three Sisters

Blue Mountains, Prince Henry Cliff Walk (96 pics)
1205b Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Gordon Falls (20 pics)
1205c Gordon Falls

Leura village (10 pics)
1205d Leura

It's not easy to get internet access in Australia. Internet cafe is very expensive, one hour for two AUD, why don't you just rob me? The hostel I currently lived in has free internet access but upload speed is slow. Fortunately the state library of New South Wales provides free internet access and good speed. Well, but using after a while, the connection will be broken for a random amount of time and I don't know why. sigh...

I'm bored with writing boring blogs and wondering how to write blogs interestingly but only comes few ideas comes in my head. Let's see it in the future or please send suggestions to me. :)

I'll be rare on msn. If you got something to tell me, email me. If you had emergency to talk to me, ask for my new mobile phone number by email(I think this case won't happen ^_^).


  1. 恭喜了~


    要不要試試看twitter (mini bloger)

    我的twitter id 是clc168

  2. 記得多拍一些素人自拍蛤 ^^

  3. 我收到明信片囉