Internet cafe in Sydney

Today I went to an internet cafe for printing some documents. Expensive, one dollar for half an hour and thirty cents for one A4 printing. Wow, 9 NTD per one page. Faint.

Inside there, computer hardware is good, screen is large. I saw Americans, Europeans, and Asians. The one I went to is seemingly hold by Korean. The clerk girl is Korean. The Windows OS is Korean version. It's a little bit strange to me.

Although the area is near to China town. There are also many Korean shops including internet cafes, groceries, and restaurants.

I traveled to Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, Sabah in Malaysia, now Sydney in Australia. The prices of commodities of all these places are higher than Taiwan. "That's not fair." I snapped. May the money in my pocket die in peace.

I would like to fly like an eagle.


  1. Have u got ur job? I am not pushing u but curious:p Take it easy,it's a trip, isn't it?