Harder than expected

Originally I thought it's not that hard to find a job. I heard that there are a lot of seasonal work vacancies when harvest season comes. Well, now I know I was a little bit optimistic.

Maybe there are many job opportunities, but there are also many backpackers and working holiday holders here. From state to another state, from this store to that farm. The jobs can only be earned if only you try harder than others. Or no one will come to you automatically.

Well, I hope before I run out of my cash, I can get a job.


  1. Exciting! Good guy, what time will be convenient for u on msn? Hold on and good luck in Aust. I have got the post card u send, thank u:D

  2. I'll hang online only when needed. So you won't see me on msn often. Besides, internet access is expensive here. So I have to use free accesses such current lived hostel and the state library, that's not very convenient.

    Well, by the way, you can leave comments on my blog which I check it every time I'm online. Or send email to me. If you have emergent issues, call my prepaid phone number in Australia. "What's the number?" you asked. Ask me when I'm online. I expect that few people have emergency to contact me.