In search of something

"What am I doing?" I muttered to myself. After two weeks since I came to Sydney, nothing special or meaningful had been done. I had taken many pictures, had walked several miles, and had seen tons of people and flocks of animals from countries and continents. But I have yet to get the point.

"What have I done?" I mumbled. It would be very funny that no gains after one year around Australia. Then I should cry, howl, and sob. "Go back home, go back to clutch something real and concrete." snapped by one voice in my head. Sometimes we could get one thing by repeatedly trying and approaching, but sometimes couldn't. "Only who endures all of those pains and loneliness can taste the sweet apple." echoed from another voice in my brain.

We know that holding two compasses will make you confused while sailing on seas. One or three is ok. But two isn't. Now that two twisting voices are continuously shouting and yelling in my little pin-pointed small-sized head as though it's a nasty place nobody cares its quietness.

In the movie Good Will Hunting, the older asked the younger: what do you wanna do?

I don't know and I don't have straight answer to this simple question same with the younger in the movie. I'm still in search of something. Something I don't know.

Sydney Opera House, again! (14 pics)

1214 Sydney Opera House

Queen Victoria Building (21 pics)
1215a Queen Victoria Building

Taronga zoo
(233 pics)
1215b Taronga Zoo

at shareroom (13 pics)
1215c at shareroom

Other things beyond this topic:
1. Taipei is the seventh crowded city in the world, thank you very much.


  1. 你要在澳洲待一年喔..哇..你要找的東西是在澳洲嗎..什麼時後開始有這個想法?,會不會有一天你在農場擠牛奶的時候就突然頓悟了呢?你會去雪梨歌劇院跨年嗎..煙火很漂亮..不過你大概會覺得很膚淺吧

  2. Dear Yehnan,

    "We know that holding two compasses will make you confused while sailing on seas. One or three is ok."

    I am just writin an article and would like to use the idea above as a motto. I overheard somewhere that it is in fact an old sailors' saying, but could not find any reference. The only place I managed to google was you blog :-) Do you have any idea where to look for?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Vlado B, 12:45

    1. I learned it from the book
      A Fool and His Money: The Odyssey of an Average Investor

      However, the book I read was the Chinese translation version, not the original English version.