Along the road trip

From Melbourne through great ocean road to Adelaide, it's about 1000 kilometers. In seven nights and seven days, we had a lot of time to do sightseeing and exploring.

However, I'd not got too exciting about the scenes along the southern coast. After Tasmania I was a bit tired of sightseeing. There's nothing wrong with the great ocean road and those beautiful views of beaches, bays, rocks, and sands. It's my problem that I can't cherish the differences between them. Though I still enjoyed this road trip. I told you, let me remind you again. It doesn't matter where you go; what matters is the friends whom you go with.

Philip and Gavin are versatile. Along this trip, I sat in the back of their car. It's illegal to lie down on the mattress of the van (I just got to know this several days ago).
They can pitch a tent.

(Their car, of the right, has a name: Millennium Falcon. Same as the spaceship of Han Solo.)

They can make a campfire.

They can BBQ.

They can fix a car and handle the problems.

And they can drink! A lot.

I had some conversations with them while driving on the road. They have been in Aussie for 3 or 4 months(sorry I forget), and I asked them where will they go next, what's their plan. Well, Philip usually answered me "go with the flow". Heyhey, haha. Go with the flow. Good, then please tell me where is the flow.

Bells Beach, near to Torquay.

Sometimes I envy those mates who travel together. Isn't that very good?

Gavin and Philip, cheers together.

Laura and Jennie, have a cup of tea in the morning together.

Shiori and Miho, in the front.

French guys.

Matthew and Marion

Kouei and Seishiro

Elle and June

Chris and Chris


and Martha


and Dawn

Even with that said, I wonder. Is it possible for me to accompany with another one? Most of time, I was alone. I spent time being alone. While I traveled in Tasmania and in this road trip, I felt I had no enough time to be alone. I need some time per everyday to give to myself. And I suppose I need more than others. That's the problem, uh, I should call it a problem That's the cause why I still prefer travel alone as long as sometimes I can have fun with friends.

The first night, in a caravan park in Torquay.

I drank too much and too fast. Damn it, drinking games.

A good child shall not even imitate it. Uncle(me) had practiced(spew) many times already.

Thanks Laura for inviting to join the road trip.

Teddy's lookout. Astonishing.

Wow, wild koala. It's moving! I wanna catch one and bring it home.

Jennie, who made the trip full of joy and laughter.

Twelve Apostles. To me, in a bad weather, they looked like twelve criminals.

One day, I said to Gavin: "The most two important things of human beings are to eat and sleep."

He responded: "and to breath and to shit." Good job, Gavin.

After I told Laura and Jennie, Jennie amended: "and to make a baby." Well done, Jennie.

Blue Lake in Portland. Pretty blue.

Go with the flow. I don't know where is the flow.

Pretty good. a pretty good road trip. really.

Again, thanks, Laura.

PS. sorry, this blog is beyond my capability to polish. So it looks like composed of many separated pieces.

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  1. Correction: Gavin told me that it's to shit and "breed" not breathe.