A crazy drinking night in Melbourne

Hannah, Martha, and Rachel(I didn't meet her until in Melbourne) traveled to Tasmania together. And they arranged a night of meeting again in Melbourne. Finally, the members included Hannah, Martha, Jennie, Jeremey, Aussie Chris, and me. Pity that Laura didn't go.

In the hostel, I found a ridiculous glasses.

Anyone who spoke something stupid should wear it.

In the afternoon, we started to drink goon and red wine in the room. And played some card games. Drinking card games.

Aussie Chris would lead us to pubs. You got the ideas.

When the sky became dark, we went out and ...(you know) started to drink beer.

Such a bad drinker I am. It seems that my body can't endure alcohol but my brain could.

Damn you again, Aussie Chris. You alcoholic.

(From now on, please pay attention to the smile of Jennie)

The first pub sucked. We found another one with a dancing pool.

(well, I was not dancing. Instead I just waved my palms and fists.)

Martha is a dancing queen. Getting so high.

Don't worry, be happy. No worry, be silly.

(How silly I was in the pub)

Jennie was pretty drunk then. She always kept her smile.

Martha was pretty enjoying the environment of a pub. She has different faces every time a photo be taken.

(still, Jennie smiled the same way)

Jeremey would go back to Canada soon after this night. After maybe three months, he will come back to Australia to start his second year. Come quick!

Really pretty high.

Video is more interesting.

However, after this bottle of vodka(the alcohol percent is not high), I got too drunk.

Every man dies, not every man truly gets drunk.

We went out, Hannah and Chris tried to bring us to bed, but we denied. We sang songs on the streets in Melbourne.

(I couldn't quite remember) Hannah and Chris left first. Me, Jennie, and Martha were shouting in the street. And Jennie required a security guard to take a photo of us. Here it is:

(I was saying What The Fuck, Martha was saying What The Fuck. However, Jennie was still keeping her stoned smile.)

After that, we walked near to the hostel. What, there is yet another bar underneath the hostel. So we went in.

I lost my memory, I don't remember what happened.

After a while, Jennie got lost. I and Martha couldn't find her. We searched in the streets, the room, and the pub. Jennie disappeared!

Finally, Martha found her sleeping in the toilet of the pub. Haha. Then we three went to bed. Where were Hannah and Chris? I didn't know.

What a crazy drinking night.

(Wait a minute, when did Jeremey leave? Well, I have no idea.)

I saw some Swedish guys while I worked in Taiwan. Sweden was special to me because they develop software packages for mobile phones; Sweden is special to me because of Jennie.

I usually say that it doesn't matter what holiday it is or where you go as long as you are with friends. Martha is such a friend. Originally I didn't like Melbourne though every backpackers say they like it. I start to like Mel because of having a crazy night with Martha.

PS. Sorry, actually there were more shocking things happened surprised me, but I didn't tell you. I still can't be true to this blog.

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