Some drinking vocabulary

After some drinking nights, I learned some vocabulary about alcohol.

beer: well, beer is just beer.

vb, carlton draught, pure blonde, tooheys extra dry: beers.

pint: about 0.5 liters; in a bar you can say "a pint of carlton draught".

jug: it's your shout! buy a jug and pour in my cup.

booze: means any kind of alcohol

goon: an Australian slang term for box wine packaged as a "bag-in-a-box".

red wine: gaze at the color, smell the scent, then taste it.

sober: you can still play fireballs.

tipsy: a bit drunk so you can't walk straight by foot.

drunk: ya, drunk. a kind of state which is impossible to be explained because you will forget anything while you're drunk.

intoxicate: more than drunk, your view of world will change.

binge drinking: this is what all Australians do. You don't remember what all happened and don't know where you're sleeping on.

hangover: drinking too much makes you headache and uncomfortable in the next morning.

spew: an action which lets you empty the stomach.

Well, I'm new to the world of alcohol. Do you have other terms to tell me?

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