Thanks to Joyce, Amanda, and Cathy

Sometimes I think I'm really a useless man; in short, a idiot knowing nothing about everyday things. While traveling around Tasmania, it seemed all things were prepared by the girls and all tasks were done by the girls. Shame on me, what a fool.

PS. there is a Chinese song called 無路用的人 by 張震嶽, such a vivid name.

So I shall write a blog to thank the three Taiwanese girls traveling with me in Tasmania.

Joyce is shorter than me but carried more luggage heavier than mine. You know what, there's a tent in her backpack!

Though this tent is for two persons, we had four persons!

Let us try. We had to interlace heads and feet. I mean, your head that way, mine this way. But it's too crowded such that Amanda got out and slept in the car.

I'd never cooked before coming to Australia. Five months past, I can barely cook. So all meals were prepared and cooked by them.

Delicious, one million better than my cooking.

They showed me many dishes.

Wow, gravy.

Let me introduce you the chef, Cathy.

The only thing I could do is dish washing.

(Almost all kitchens have this notice "Your mother doesn't work here".)

Hmm..., this is a local grocery.

One night we stayed in a caravan park, warm and fragrant.

And tea time!

Mostly, Joyce drove and Amanda read the map.

And Amanda made the journey full of joy.

Drive, road, grass, hills, and clouds.

And I was responsible for sightseeing. *_*

Thank you, Joyce.

Thank you, Cathy.

Thank you, Amanda.

Thanks a lot.

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