Road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide

At this drinking night(well, do you notice that many of my recently blogs are about booze?), Laura proposed an idea: road trip to west coast! My plan was forced be adjusted again. Originally I didn't have any plan to go to west side. And, one friend of my parents' friends who living in Perth arranged accommodation, meals, and job for me there. Holy *bi*(censored), if I had to go to accept it, I would rather go home. So I decided I'll never go to Perth. (silly and childish). I planned to traveled around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin, and Queensland. Excluded Tasmania and Perth.

This cake looked like a hedgehog.

However, a plan is always changed. And a plan is supposed to be modified. I went to Tasmania, and I would like to travel with Laura and Jennie to go to west coast.

Originally, the plan was pretty big. Several members would travel from Melbourne through great ocean road to Adelaide, then to Perth. Some members would work for a while in Perth and wait there. Though like I said, a plan always transforms into another one which you don't expect it will go like this way. Finally, the fellowship of the road trip is Laura, Jennie, me, and Gavin and Philip!

Philip on the left, Gavin on the right. They were roasting toasts for breakfast.

We got gathered in Melbourne, and started to look for the information for buying a van.

And just in less than three days, Laura did buy a van, you see, and its name is "Herbie"!

I had not taken many shots, so most of the photos are from Laura and Philip. I don't wanna steal theirs, consequently I only uploaded few photos.

20080502 Road Trip from Melbourne to Adelaide

We stopped at Adelaide, after seven nights and seven days. The van and petrol and other stuff costed Laura and Jennie too much. And Gavin and Philip would like to get a job near to Adelaide. So that's it. It happened again, a plan is always changed, whatever.

State Library of South Australia.

I've been in Adelaide for 7 days, upload photos and write blogs of what happened. Nearly completed. Since the date 2007/12/01 which was the day I came to Australia, five months and two weeks past. Such lots of things happened that my brain had been bloated and stuffed for a long long time. Now I feel better after some blogs were written. But mind you, there are some subtle and delicate thoughts and experience that I just can't articulate or make sentences describing them. I hope my writing could be like a simmering caldron with shimmering fumes, increasingly improved, to attain some kind of level which lets me put them down.

I still remember the first day I dragged my luggage through streets to find my hostel. Now, I'm in Adelaide sitting in the library, typing with my MacBook, using some free wireless internet, and I met a Pakistan yesterday who have studied and worked in Aussie for 7 years. And I don't know where to go and what to do next.

There are 6 months left in Australia. Let me see what are going to be witnessed.

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