Towns in Tasmania

We'd been to many towns in Tasmania. Some are full of stories, some are too beautiful to be true, some are historic sites, and some are just towns you would pass by.

Launceston, although it's the second big city in Tasi, I still feel it's a town.

There's a fountain, I like fountains.

Is it wonderful to own such a pretty house, isn't it?

George Town, the first *what* town? 1804? Well, I forget. Maybe you can find its history in Wikipedia.

Devonport, we stayed in Molly Malones. Underneath it is a bar. This is my first to see so many senior gentlemen and ladies drinking in a bar.

Penguin, a town with no penguin there. But there are many penguin decorations, even the rubbish bin.

Latrobe, beautiful riverside only could come true in my dreams.

Sheffield, town of murals. Some are related to the history.

Some are combined with the function of houses. So you can see what's this store selling?

Queenstown, there are so many accommodation options here but most exceeds a backpacker's budget. It seems it's the sightseeing center of the neighborhood.

On the way to Mt. Field NP, we crossed some towns. All are pretty elegant and lovely.

Wow, my first time to see so many sheeps.

Hobart, many sites here. Including the oldest brewery,

Salamanca market,

and Mt. Wellington

On the way to Kingston and Huonville, many houses, back are mountains, front are bays.

Somebody told us there's a beautiful lake in Dover. But after seeing Lake St. Clair and many many others, a pool of water just can't compete with oceans.

Kettering, gate to the Bruny Island.

Richmond, very old town. Many old churches there.

Ran out of food, so we had a lunch in Dunalley.

Bicheno, there's only a small IGA supermarket here hich reminded my friends the small small IGA in Ruthworth where they'd lived while working.

St. Helens, well, I forget what's special about it.

Scottsdale, there is a biggest information center with introduction videos.

Bridport, not birdport, ok?

Lilydale, we had lunch in a general store there. It sells drinks, fast food, magazines, potato chips, newspapers, and etc..

Ross, really a historic town. For example, war memorial,

a woman factory(gaol),


an old stone bridge with many carvings.

and a famous bakery. See, professional lighting for you to take a photo.

It's famous because Kiki's Delivery Service.

Quite a few, isn't it? Of all, I like Ross, Sheffield, and Latrobe(there is a chocolate factory!).

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