Approaching the end in Echuca

So far, I had lived in Echuca for such a long time. That's not good, though. In the drinking night before Jeremey and Jennie left, I said to Debbie: "I'm not a backpacker, I lived here."

Wow, Debbie in the beer zone. Rare.

But I wanna be a backpacker. Though I don't know what's the definition of a backpacker.

To meet people from all other countries. Maybe.

To know unfamiliar holidays. Perhaps.

To take shots.

To taste the food.

etc, etc.. I don't know.

Matthew told me he like Thailand because backpackers there are nice. What?

Sometimes I met some backpackers then I forget their names.

A bit frustrating, isn't it?

After Jennie and Jeremey left, Laura would leave soon.

And Koei and Madoca.

And Seishiro.

A night, Sei broke his leg. Don't forget twenty-two(22) stitches. Terrible.

And don't forget the beautiful doctor.

Well, back to the topic of this blog. Many friends left but I was still there. Will I meet them again? It's really sad every time I touch this question.

Alone and lonely, only shadow follows me.

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