No petrol

In Echuca Backpackers, we rent car to go to work. Though, sometimes the car is old and a piece of crap. This day, we ran out of petrol. Faint, we had to push the car to the petrol station.

Ganbade, Sei, Madoca, and Koei.

We were late to work.

Sally knows something about a vehicle. But we Asians don't. Is this some kind of culture difference?

After filling the car with enough petrol, it still couldn't be started. Sally told me that the reason may be the flooding in engine. I can't understand.

What a experience, huh? What a good experience.

After two days, something more terrible happened. The car was broken! It just couldn't move anymore, even an inch.

We were in between two towns, few cars passing by, luckily, there was mobile signal there.

Yes, Seishiro, that was the time to say "what the fuck".

It's frigging freezing.

What a good experience, you say so?

It's not the end. After nine days, we five people driving another car, an accident happened. The tyre was broken by a nail.

What the **biiii**. The owner of hire cars didn't want to come, he told us to change the tyre by ourselves. But there was no jerk in the car. And we couldn't get the spare tyre out of the bottom of the car.

Well, let's smile even in this horrible situation.

It's near to the end of my life in Echuca, what a goooood experience.

It became dark and cold. Let's eat some cookies.





We couldn't handle the problem without Sally. It made me feel that I'm a useless guy.

Although a car stopped to help, however, we spent much time to take off the spare tyre from the bottom, spent more time to take off the broken one, then, we found that the spare tyre was loose and we couldn't put the spare tyre in. Faint.

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