I'm in Adelaide

From 5/2 night to 5/9 daytime (one week!), I traveled with Laura, Jennie, Gavin, and Philip. Originally we planned from Melbourne through great ocean road to Adelaide, then to Perth, then west coast. However, because things always go unexpectedly, we stopped in Adelaide. They started to get a new job. I will stay here(mostly in the state library) for several days. No worries, go with the flow.

I like libraries. I went to the state libraries of New South Wales, Victoria, and now South Australia. Pity that I didn't go to the one of Tasmania. The state library of South Australia doesn't free wireless internet. But by sitting by the window, I can get the free wifi signal provided by Internode. Thanks. I've not used much so don't know whether there are some restrictions. Let me see.

I'm in Adelaide. And I don't know what exactly my next action and stop. Well, go with the flow, but I can't see where is the flow.

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